— Animator, Digital Artist, Modeler —

Location: Madison, Wi
Email: tim@vectorspacestudio.com
Phone: (608) 579-4200
Web: www.vectorspacestudio.com
Connect: facebook, instagram, linkedin

I’ve been making 3D models and little virtual worlds for most of my life. I first picked up Blender (my preferred modeling software) when I was an early teen. I now have an MFA and MA from the University of Wisconsin in Madison in 4D media, and a BFA from the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

I like to learn new things. I’ve worked in everything from I.T. support to screen printing t-shirts, and even taught digital art foundations at the University of Wisconsin for 2 years. With client work, I see every project as an opportunity to learn new processes and techniques. Despite more than a decade of experience with the software, and a library of hundreds of models, textures, materials, and techniques, I will always be a student- with learning and experimentation a common part of my practice. As a result, any lack of technical knowledge is never an impediment to the execution of an idea, it is an opportunity to expand my abilities even further. It is also an opportunity to learn about the subject matter- science, engineering, physics, nature, etc., with my background in academia serving to sharpen my skills as a researcher. I want the work to be useful and accurate, and will keep tweaking until a balance is attained between aesthetic form and clarity of function.

– Contact –

(608) 579-4200