What do I do? In a nutshell, I build virtual world

3D Modeling
Art and Design in 3-Dimensions
Ideas in motion
Interactive and Other
Virtual Spaces in Virtual Reality (Also Real Reality)

3D Modeling and Design I've been making 3D models for about 15 years now. I majored in fine arts in college and focused on the various applications of working with virtual, 3d imagery. This has ranged from resuscitating old photographic printmaking techniques, to animation and virtual reality. I have made hundreds of models and scenes over the years, for both commercial and fine art projects. The slider below is a small sample of some recent work. All of the animations, prints and other content of this website (with the unique exception of the stock images to the right) are virtual sets made up of models I created. If you have any questions about any particular model, techniques, process, software, etc feel free to contact me through the contact page here or through social media. Project Samples

Bucky Badger
Made for UW Madison / Bucky on Parade
Michelson Interferometer
Scientific Instrumentation
Antique Wingback Chair
Confused Rubik's Cube
Old Television
Antique Electronics

Play Animation Demo Reel

Interactive and Other Stuff Interactive and VR - Knowledge and experience in Unity, real-time shaders, lightmapping, animation, etc.

- Modeling optimized for real-time rendering with UV mapping and PBR workflow

- Experience building virtual reality content for both Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR
Graphic Design and Print - Knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud suite (especially Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, and After Effects)

- Extensive knowledge of print technology and methods (i.e. screen printing, digital printing, offset lithography, etc.)

- Knowledge of HTML and CSS and experience with design for web technology
Audio and Video - Professional video editing in Adobe Premiere and after effects

- Knowledge of motion graphics techniques and practices for both 3D and 2D animation

- Sound editing, mixing, and engineering for both game and video projects

VR Game
VR Game
Wonder Walk
Smartphone VR Game Made for Montefiore Children's Hospital
VR Nature Immersion Therapy and Exploration Game (In Development)
Posters and Graphic Design
Design work in 3D
Print and Traditional Media
Works on Paper